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Christmas was quiet. Rachelle was an ungrateful little shit and I go that new sweatshirt I wanted. It's very cozy. I got Season Six of Buffy because it was the only season I could find and I liked the musical episode anyway. Things like gift cards were lacking due to money problems, but I'll cope. Um, having gone shopping for comics yet, but I hope to by New Years.

I really, really need to buy my books for college. Hn.

I've never spammed my journal before, but please give a click? I'll try not to do this too often, it takes up too much space for my liking.
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Hello duckies! I'm up at my Aunt Joy's again! Have been for a couple of days actually. I've been so busy, in between daycare and trying to find time to hang out with my cousins. Blake and I saw the new James Bond movie this weekend with a bunch of his friends, then we went to James' house and watched Warriors. Considering I was the only girl out of seven boys it was a lot of fun.

Daycare has been running me ragged though. My aunt has been really sick and I'm not used to five kids at once. I think it's the baby that makes me the most nervous. At least the two one year old's know how to make meaningful gestures and bits of words that are technically English.

I'll be heading back to Iowa for Thanksgiving, but it feels both too soon an forever away.
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School Stuff

I had my visit to Kirkwood Community College today. Lots and lots to think about. I pretty much sat down with the entire list of classes and circled the ones I was interested is spending money to learn about. It's very telling, much more so than all those assessment tests I took.

Psychology, Philosophy, Anatomy, Play Analysis, Creative Writing (natch), Graphic Communications, Literature, Interior Design, Sociology, Political Sciences, Human Services and so on.

See a pattern here? A little bit a of people thing going on here, along with some creative outlets. I'm starting to narrow it down, and by no means do I need to pick anything resembling a major anytime soon. No matter which one I choose to continue on with, I'm most certainly interested in learning about these subject, and many relate to the other in some form or another. I have an appointment coming up with my Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, Bruce, and I think we'll actually have something to discuss this time. :D I also want to call my cousin Blake, as I don't think I've properly bounced I ideas of of him yet and I'm almost certain he'll have some kind of incite that would be helpful.

Family Stuff

In other news, my cousin Joe is going to be a daddy. He's the oldest of the grandchildren on my mom's side so I'm rather relived it's not me (or my sister *shudder*) who has to to have the first great grand kid. His brother John, (the cousin who was hit by the flood) is engaged to the rather competent Rose, so there's another first that I don't have to do. However, I may very well be the first to go to college (unless I screw up royally *knocks on wood*). John was going to be a nurse, but he had to drop out due to past football injures that wouldn't let him play. My beloved cousin Blake will be going to college for Nuclear Propulsion due to his joining the Navy. Hey, he's getting paid to go to school, and will only have to serve for a few years. He's also a summer baby, but he was held back instead of pushed along anyway like I was, so he has a bit of school still left to go.

Hmm, it seems that one of these days I'm going to have to do a big long post on my family. Or probably a series of them, by aunt/uncle/grandparent. My grandma has 5 kids and 13 grand kids so there's a lot of stories to tell. I'm afraid I don't know much about my dad's side, due to them living on the other side of the country in California and Connecticut. But I guess that's a story for later. ;)


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