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 Guess who got to be on the DC Sunday Conversation panel at Chicago Comic Con?

I was in the front row and Ian Sattler started talking about seeing me the day before, and how every time he answered a question he would look at me out of the corner of his eye to see my reaction. If I was bouncing in my seat it was a good deal. I mentioned that Sunday was my birthday and he asked if I wanted to join the panel. Hell yes I want to join! I got to sit next to Art Baltazar and Franco from Tiny Titans, so awesome! Definitely the best birthday ever.

But before all that, I bought $100 dollars worth of Impulse , almost as much in Young Justice, a Captain Boomerang II action figure, a bunch of trades, an awesome Robin shirt, and a bunch of other wonderful stuff. Also I ran into [livejournal.com profile] shananagin while I was hunting for Impulse, which was pretty groovy. I knew for sure I had seen her on s_d before, but I couldn't remember where else. Turns out we share a couple of comms like duh, [livejournal.com profile] heartbart. I should have known. It's my own fault for lurking so much, I obviously need to write some Young Justice fluff. *goes to go do that*
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After a long, long, ass time I finally uploaded some stuff on my deviantART account. It's all super old art, but I was able to edit it a little bit on the laptop so it looks at bit better. I have to figure out how to upload my larger art pieces, I might have to wait until I can save up for a digital camera.

Right now I'm saving all my money for Wizard World Chicago Con for my 20th birthday. :3 A lot of the details still need to be sorted out, but the tickets are bought, yay. Now I need to decide who's going with me...
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Yesterday was my birthday! I'm 17 now, so I can see R rated movies in theaters now. I got a lot of neat stuff. My mom got me a vibe. Part of me was embarassed, but the rest of me was like "Shweet!". But yeah, 16 was a good year, I highly recomend it.;)

I want to move to Wisconsin. Mostly because the school there is way bigger and better than the one here. And a little bit because living with my aunt is a lot more structured and disaplinary than here. I'm gonna miss my Daddy family and friends like crazy, but everyone seems to agree it would be good for me to see the world outside Mount Vernon. Part of me wants to stay here close to the people I love and home, but the rest of me keeps saying I have to think about what's best for me.

So yeah so far a lot of drama begin 17, but my fortune cookie I had today said "There's nothing you can't do if you put you mind it it. Do it!" ...in bed. Heehee.


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"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."


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